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Do you know how to use a roll-on deodorant bottle?

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Do you know how to use a roll-on deodorant bottle?

Most deodorants come in a roll-on bottlemade of plastic and glass, and roll-on deodorant bottles are widely used in the beauty industry. Roll-on deodorant bottleis a kind of deodorant body fluid. Its main function is to keep the underarms fresh and comfortable, and reduce the excessive sweat odor caused by sweat. Its fragrance can cover part of the body odor, but it has no therapeutic effect. The plastic ball is a lightweight and easy-to-use tool that can be applied to products in different fields such as roll-on deodorizers. 

There are many benefits to using hollow plastic balls as accessories inside a roll-on deodorizer.

1. Increase fill rate

Deodorant bottle manufacturer often use glass or plastic beads to make more efficient use of space when making roll-on deodorizers.

2. Improve deodorizing effect

Adding an appropriate amount of activated carbon deodorant can ensure the efficient deodorization of the product, and the uniform distribution of finishing is more flexible and controllable. Hollow plastic ball can help distribute activated carbon evenly throughout the product space. In this way, each small bead can play a role in contacting more loose fillings than ordinary solid jewelry or even cotton.

3. Reduce production costs

Plastic balls used in roll-on deodorizers are relatively inexpensive and are also lighter than beads. Because under the same condition of being filled with air, the hollow plastic ball avoids the weight of the bead volume itself, thereby effectively reducing the cost.

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