Plastic Roll On Balls

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Plastic Roll On Balls

BEYAQI's Precision Plastic Ball provides a full line of roll-on balls in a variety of materials including Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyethylene and more. Roll-on balls are widely used in applicators that dispense perfume, deodorants, essential oils, personal care products, pharmaceuticals and much more. Our roll-on balls are available in select standard sizes, sturdy in design, and available in various types such as solid, hollow, and LDPE.

The material we use for these roll-on balls is food safe and meets EU / REACH / RoHS specifications and also FDA, and California Prop. 65. Our hollow roll-on balls have a smooth finish that seamlessly fits into your container.

We are experienced and capable of handling high volumes. Our stocking program ensures constant supply of roll-on balls so your company is never left shutting down the line.

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With 15 years of industry experience, BEYAQI is a leading manufacturer specializing in roller bottle packaging.


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